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    Nippel/Rörnipplar M10x1 (TIGE)+ mutter- 2-pack
  • 6,00 kr Tillgänglig
    Gängade rör, set om 10st. Tillgängliga storlekar: 10 mm,15 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm
  • 15,00 kr Tillgänglig
    The metal extension tubes serve to creatively customise a ceiling or table lamp. Mounted next to a ceiling rose or metal lamp holder, they enhance a pendant lamp, while applied to a Posaluce they increase its overall Length and transform it into a sleek table lamp.This accessory is available in 6 lengths from 5 to 30 cm and in all metallic finishes,...
  • 60,00 kr Tillgänglig
    The bent 14cm-long metal extension tube is used to creatively customise a wall lamp. Applied to a wall rose, it allows you to direct the lamp holder upwards or downwards, creating different light distribution effects within your environment.This accessory is available in all the glossy or satin metallic finishes of the Creative-Cables range of...
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  • 88,00 kr Tillgänglig
    The adjustable metal joint is the ideal element to complete your DIY lamp with a little extra touch! This accessory will allow your lamp to tilt up to 90° and rotate by 315°: this will make it possible to direct the light wherever you want according to your needs. The perfect solution for enriching and making wall lamps more functional, our...
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    Tub E14 is the ideal metal lamp shade for all spotlight lovers. Thanks to the Tub E14 lampshade connection kit, you have even greater configuration options, for creating a customised lamp that is sure to meet your needs!The accessory kit includes two connecting brackets which will enable you to easily connect the number of lampshades you desire...
Visar 1 - 9 av 9 artiklar