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Bordslampor För lampskärm

Would you like to create your own personalised table lamp? Are you a fan of lampshades and would you like to design one that exactly reflects your...

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  • 350,00 kr Tillgänglig
    Need a table lamp for your study or the perfect lampshade for your bedroom? Posaluce in metal with double ferrule bakelite lamp holder, compatible with all E27 lampshades; an option that leaves you free to configure your lamp to your liking.Posaluce is complete with switch and two-pin plug.You can configure Posaluce however you like! Choose your...
  • 384,00 kr Tillgänglig
    The Alzaluce metal table lamp with textile flex and matching slim stem is a wonderful addition to our ever-popular Posaluce lighting. This delightful light is for use with a suitable lampshade. A version with a metal finish lamp holder is also available if you prefer not to use a shade.We've made it very easy to design your own high quality table lamp...
Visar 1 - 2 av 2 artiklar