Pastel semi-threaded metal lamp holder E27 kit with hidden cable clamp

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The E27 Pastel semi-threaded metal lampholder kit contains all the components to assemble a wall, table or ceiling lamp with lampshade.
The kit includes an E27 lamp holder with a semi-threaded sleeve, a metal cover cup and a concealed cable clamp, a detail tendowing your lamp an even more refined and elegant look.

The Pastel semi-threaded lamp holder E27 kit is meant for you if:
- you like soft delicate pastel tones
- you want to make the most of your lampshade

Complete your lamp with Creative-Cables components, accessories, bulbs and textile cables.

The extra idea:
- combine the lamp holder with a Swing Pastel shade in the same finish for a lively but harmonious effect.

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E27 Pastel semi-flush metal lamp holder kit with concealed cable clamp:
Route: 45 mm
Diameter: 45 mm
Height: 51 mm
Top hole: 12mm
thermoplastic lamp holder E27 with one IMQ-certified ring nut
Shroud: semi-threaded
Transparent technopolymer cable clamp included.

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