Porcelain E14 lamp holder kit

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This porcelain E14 lamp holder kit is used to assemble a wall, table or ceiling lamp.
Porcelain, whose mixture includes a significant percentage of kaolin, has an extraordinarily white colour; after being painted, fired at high temperature and glazed, it surface results really full and vibrant.

This porcelain E14 lamp holder kit is definitely right for you if:
- you are using a E14 fitting bulb
- you prefer a simple look&feel
- you are in love with solid and vibrant colours

To configure and complement your porcelain E14 lamp holder kit:
- use the menus to define the features
- watch the tutorial and learn how to mount the lamp holder
- complete your lighting installation with Creative-Cables components, accessories, light bulbs and flex

A creative tip for you:
- enhance your lamp holder with a Sphere G45 E14 LED bulb.

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Porcelain E14 lamp holder, complete with cable clamp.

Height: 60 mm.
Diameter: 30 mm.
Fitting: E14.
Cable clamp material: thermoplastic.

This lamp holder has a safety device that does not allow you to unscrew it once assembled (to protect you from electric shock when changing bulbs).
For this reason, in case you need to unscrew it, you must unlock the security system placed in the base by acting on the security tab with a screwdriver.

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