11-light pendant lamp with 675 mm rectangular XXL Rose-One, featuring fabric cable and metal Ghostbell lampshade

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The new rectangular shape of Rose-One has inspired the design of this multi-light pendant lamp with Ghostbell lampshade.
The Ghostbell metal cage lampshade makes this multi-light pendant lamp perfect for decorating rooms with a contemporary industrial and urban style.

The eleven light pendants feature drops at varying heights, creating a fascinating visual array of pendants, perfect for enhancing a large meeting room table or a spacious hotel lobby.

Rose-One has side holes, allowing you to connect multiple lamps serially and create installations with a unique and surprising design! The lamp is installation-ready and may be purchased with Led bulbs incorporated. We have chosen the ST64 Edison long filament Led bulbs for you, but thanks to the E27 fitting, you can choose which bulb to match, customising the lamp to your taste! The bulbs must have a diametre under 64 mm.

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Multi-pendant lamp comprising:
Rose-One ceiling rose with cover in Dibond:
Width: 675 mm
Length: 225 mm
Hole diametre: 10 mm
2x0.75 cable IMQ-HAR certified
Pendant lenghts: 140, 130, 120, 110, 100, 90 cm
Clear plastic cable clamp (1 per hole)
11 E27 lamp holders - Max 105W for each lamp holder
Mounting brackets
6 plugs and 6 rubber cable duct seals are included for the side holes.
EC certified.

Ghostbell metal cage lampshade H170 mm
E27 fitting

Bulb [CBL7001120CA]: LED, ST64, 4W, 400 Lm, 2200K, E27, A+, width 64 mm, height 140 mm, dimmable.

Rose-One is a Creative-Cables patented product.
Installation must be performed by qualified operators in compliance with regulations on the installation of electrical equipment in force in the country where products are installed.

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